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Alternative Budapest was set up to show visitors not the usual sights, monuments and historical landmarks that other tours show you, but to take you into the beating heart of the city and show you what’s really going on in Budapest. Our tours aren’t about the past, they’re about what’s happening now.

The Alternative Tour concept started in Berlin and has been showing visitors the underground sights and sounds there for almost a decade. Due to the ever-present and expanding alternative scene in Budapest, we felt the need for it to be represented through our tours.

Our guides are all fully qualified and have been handpicked for their passion and knowledge of the underground scene in Budapest. They all also have extensive guiding experience of traditional historical and cultural tours, which allows them to give you a deeper understanding of both sides of Budapest.

Our tours bring together various aspects of Budapest’s underground culture and take you through districts rarely visited by tourists. On our tours you will experience elements of the city not normally seen by visitors, and learn about the urban culture, architecture, politics and people that make Budapest a truly unique city.
We ensure that our tours are always in small groups to enable our guests to really come into personal contact with the environments we visit, and to ensure that we don’t cause any disruption to our surroundings. Alternative Budapest respects and supports the venues and communities that are part of our tours, and therefore good behaviour from our guests is essential.