Alternative Budapest Bike Tour
2pm, Tues, Fri, Sun (April-Oct)
Lasts approx. 5 hours
The tour starts and finishes at: Lázár utca 16, 1065 Budapest (just behind the Opera House)
Cost: From €34 per person

  • Get a unique look at Budapest’s districts usually unvisited by tourists
  • Delve into industrial areas and gritty back streets and learn about Budapest’s thriving sub-cultures and recent history
  • Explore the city’s lesser known districts by bike and cruise along the Danube

This is a tour for people that want to explore the side of Budapest that tourists and even some locals don’t see, the neighborhoods where art and culture and blossoming in places that have been previously unloved and forgotten.

Most tourists won’t take this tour. Rather than grand historical sights, and discussions about Hungary’s long history, this tour goes to places that most tours don’t, and frames Budapest’s history more recently. It’s a great chance for adventurous visitors to do the off-the-beaten-track thing and go home with a really unique insight of the city.

Unlike some tours, this one doesn’t have a completely fixed route or agenda, rather your guide – a local and expert on the alternative scene in Budapest – will use their knowledge to take you places and show you things that are culturally happening right now in the city.

We’ll start with a brief look around the city’s 7th district where your guide will you show you some of the ever-changing murals that adorn the walls – a reflection of Budapest’s vibrant street art scene. From here, we’ll head over to the 8th district, a place that many avoid on account of how run down it is. While it’s true that the buildings here aren’t quite as sparkly as those in the center, it’s also here that many young creatives and entrepreneurs are working on the most innovative projects to come out of the city.

We’ll check out a variety of squares in the area and your guide will talk about the area’s history and about some of the architectural styles on display, after which we’ll stop at one of the nearby cafe-bars for a little break and some optional refreshments.

Next up, we move into the city’s 9th district, which runs along the riverbank and is home to some of Budapest’s cultural spots, including MUPA, the National Theatre and Ludwig Museum, all grand and photo-worthy sights.

Finally, from here, we’ll head down to the final area explored on the tour – Csepel, an industrial part of the city and one that is very much different from what you’ll experience in the center. Here you’ll see a an area of the city rarely visited by tourists or non-resident locals and explore the working and abandoned factory complexes that were once the fire in Budapest’s engine before a relaxing ride home along the river.

General themes covered on this tour tend to include recent history, grimey areas, gentrification, street art, industrialization and post-industrialization, youth culture, ‘high culture’ and the fate of abandoned buildings.
A minimum of 2 people are required for this tour to run. If you are a single traveler, please email us about availability and options.